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Shandong Innovation Precision Technology Co.,Ltd.Possesses 16 advanced extrution product line including four 10MN,four 13.2MN,one 18MN,one 28MN,one 29MN,one 36MN,two 49MN and two 59MN extrution presses.The annual production capacity is 100,000 tons and the main products are industrial aluminum profile,electronic profile,construction aluminum profile,rail transport and automotive lightweight aluminum profile.The company has built up a mold and manufacture center and quality inspection centers with complete facilities,Therefore,a sound quality tracing system is established so as to win the recognition from customers by a stable quality of the the market.

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      • Company Name:
      • Shandong Innovation Precision Technology Co.,Ltd
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      • Aluminum formwork,extuded aluminum profile
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      • Huixian Rd,Zouping,Shandong
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      • 256205
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      • Jimmy Geng
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      • 0543-6981699
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